Automotive Tools

CAT LED Work Light

The CT3510 Dual Beam COB Work Light is versatile and nimble, illuminating any work area with 165 lumens of light on front flood panel and 50 lumens on top beam. With an adjustable magnetic stand, pocket/belt clip and rotating hook, this light will always get the job done. Run time is 3 hours on flood and 5 hours on beam for long term use. 3 AAA batteries are included.

  • Dual Beam: Flood & Beam, Adjustable Magnetic Stand, Rotating Hook, Pocket Clip, Durable ABS Construction

Norton Masking Tree

Designed specifically for the white "paint check" paper and the unique double roll of tape. The double roll of tape is twice as long as a standard roll; therefore, only two rolls of tape are required, rather than four, so changeover time is cut in half. The premium white paper, while incredibly strong, is thinner than standard blue paper and fits perfectly on the masker. The top two tiers can hold up to 12" and the bottom two tiers can hold up to 18".

  • Designed specifically for Norton White Paint Check masking paper and the Norton tape double roll. The top two tiers can hold up to 12". The bottom two tiers can hold up to 18"

Astro LED Flexible Slim Work Light

The Astro 30SL flexible rechargeable cob LED slim light is designed with a unique flexible neck that allows you to mount the magnetic base (20 lbs) and bend or twist the light into the desired position. This work light is USB rechargeable and also includes a power dial to adjust from 0-300 lumens or anywhere in between.

  • Flexible Neck, Magnetic Base, USB Rechareable, 4-10 Hour Work Time

Astro Onyx Cut-Off Tool

  • • Positive Control and Lock-Out Throttle Protection
  • • Adjustable Rear Exhaust
  • • Safety Throttle Lever
  • • Built-In Power Regulator
  • • Direct Drive Motor
  • • Graduated Trigger
  • • Metal Guard

Steck Automotive Tool

  • • Unlocks any vehicle in seconds!
  • • Glow stick with paint protector and lock knob lifter

Dynabrade 6" Silver Supreme DA Sanders - 3/16 & 3/32

The ultimate combination of Supreme power and lightweight comfort. All-steel components, ergonomic tool grip, outstanding vacuum capabilities and more.

  • Supreme power with lightweight comfort. The most durable sander on the market!

Dynabrade Right-Angle Grinder

Compact, lightweight design permits easy access to tight areas. Includes safety-lock lever; rear exhaust. Composite tool grip absorbs vibration and reduces cold air transmission to operator.

Dynabrade 3” Autobrade 7° Offset Grinder

7° offset handle for added comfort and control. Tool includes safety-lock lever. Gearless design; front exhaust. Composite tool grip absorbs vibration and reduces cold air transmission to the operator

  • Includes Locking-Type Disc Pad, 3" Diameter, ½ Horsepower, 20,000 RPM, Gearless, Front Exhaust, Locking-Type Pad

Dynabrade Long-Neck Cut-Off Tool

Accepts optional Cut-Off Wheels, 3-Inch diameter with 3/8-Inch center hole. Extension design offers easy access to tight or confined areas. Design also allows for easier straight-type cuts

  • Rear Exhaust, 20,000 RPM, Composite tool grip absorbs vibration and reduces cold air transmission to operator

Dynafile Belt Sander

Excellent multi-purpose tool for grinding sharp metal edges, rusted bolts, welds, etc. Effective for blending, scuffing grooves and contours

  • Tool includes 11206 Contact Arm for coated abrasive and non-woven nylon belts, ¾" wide by 18" long, Will also run belts ½ wide by 18" long, Industrial-Rated, Made in the USA